Omega fatty acids
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Omega fatty acids

In the western type of diet, there is an extremely important problem over the consumption of omega-6 with too low intake of omega-3. The correct ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 should not be less than 1: 4, while in the classic western diet of full poor quality meat, refined oil, dairy products and eggs derived from industrial sources is often 1:15 and in extreme cases 1:20.

Incorrect ratio of omega-6 fatty acids shifted towards excess omega-6 causes inflammation in the body. This is especially bad for athletes who, through exhausting exercise, also couse inflammation. Vegetable oils are wrongly accused of this. Yes, refined sunflower oil contains a lot of omega-6 fatty acids, but if nuts, unrefined oils, linseed, avocado and chia seeds as well as naturally occurring fats will dominate in the vegan diet, this problem will not occur.

The ratio of omega-3: omega-6: omega-9 fatty acids in sunra roast is 1: 1.6: 1.1. When we avoid frying in the kitchen as well as poor-quality oils, which are the biggest problem in the aspect of excess omega-6 and trans fats, and at the same time we introduce to the diet that kinds of products rich in natural omega-3 acids and large amounts of green vegetables full of antioxidants, inflammation will go away in forgetfulness, and thus – your body’s efficiency will improve significantly. Of course, this condition can also be achieved on a properly balanced meat diet, but you can not hide that in every case you have to focus on quality.

Regardless of the type of diet used, you should focus primarily on the quality of consumed products. Both a meat and vegan diet can be a good choice for an athlete, and only how we manage our menu depends on the results we achieve when using it.