Marathoner’s view

Well, not by chance, you call your fare “food of force”. I ate it before long runs in the woodlands and I must say there was NO energy drops at all. Paradoxically, even during most challenging runs my power and will to fight rose with each kilometre. Huge hunger mostly get on top of me at the end of a training. However, your roast which I prepared with sweet potatoes and spinach always makes me replete, even an hour after my training.

Marathon was the final exam for your delicious fare. I ate Sunra before it and your food of force fulfil my expectations. What was very important to me during that long run was the absence of that “bouncing-food-in-belly” feeling. Hours of run and I didn’t have any gastric problems. Wodnerful!

In my opinion, you fit all the components accurately. I realy recommend your fare, especially to endurance athletes. I guarantee you, the power hidden in Sunra will last long and you won’t regret it!