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Vegan diet in sport

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  • Well, not by chance, you call your fare "food of force". I ate it before long runs in the woodlands and I must say there was NO energy drops at all. Paradoxically, even during most challenging runs my power and will to fight rose with each kilometre. Huge hunger mostly get on top of me at the end of a training. However, your roast which I prepared with sweet potatoes and spinach always makes me replete, even an hour ...

  • t is deep-seated and harmful belief, especially among athletes, that vegan diet doesn’t aid them in training or achieving proper results during competitions. Some believe that type of diet doesn’t stimulate muscle fibers to grow and is impractical while reducing body weight. The truth is that meat diet could be poorly balanced just as vegan one. Everything is a matter of choice – the right products and their proportions....

Body requirements

Vegan diet in sports and Sunra Roast as an example
  • In the western type of diet, there is an extremely important problem over the consumption of omega-6 with too low intake of omega-3. The correct ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 should not be less than 1: 4, while in the classic western diet of full poor quality meat, refined oil, dairy products and eggs derived from industrial sources is often 1:15 and in extreme cases 1: 20.

  • There's no doubt that we repeatedly meet others who eat chicken with rice at the gym. They say about importance of macro's (????) and indicate that only a meat diet could make us physically strong. Indeed, we need proteins - a lot of it - but there is no need to gain them from chicken. If you successively decrease amount of animal ...

  • Obviously, when we talk about athletes who use the vegan diet it is important to include B12 vitamin supplementation. It has relevance like in the case of a physically inactive person too. Unfortunately B12 is available only in animal products. Basically, it is the only ingredient that must be given in the form of drops, pills or fortified foods.

Sunra - pieczeń orzechowo warzywna

Nut Vegetable Roast Sunra

Roast composition (*for allergens see ingredients in bold)

Sunra is made of carrot, celery root, wheat gluten, parsley root, linseed, sunflower seed, skimmed soya flour, onions, red pepper, dark soya sauce, garlic, champignons, sesame seeds, cashew nut, pumpkin seeds, dried tomatoes, sugar, salt, seasonings (granulated garlic, ramson, winter savory, Herbes de Provence, juniper, lovage, cinnamon, caraway, curry, ground nutmeg, black pepper, herby pepper, chilli powder)

Sunra wege kebab - ekologiczna żywność
Vege Kebab

Vegan filling consist of vegetables, champignons, nuts and wide variety of colorful and fresh seasoning.

Sunra wege smocza odporność
Dragon’s sausage

Slightly spicy combination of oriental seasonings. Our sausages are long-ripened (release moisture), then upgraded by specific olive oil.

Sunra wege kielbasa pełna warzyw
Vegan Sausages

Our exquisite composition of sousages in four, different variations: horseradish, BBQ, spicy kishka and classic Sunra Roast.

Sunra wege burger - kondycja i witalność
Vege Burger

Vegan chop (200g), completely balanced meal for adults (even during increased physical activity)

Nutrition chart

Energy: 201kcal0%
Protein: 23g0%
Fats: 8g0%
Carbohydrate: 9g0%
Fibre: 10g0%
Sodium: 375mg0%

DRIs (Dietary Reference Intake) calculated for a body weight of 60kg with a caloric demand of about 2,000 kcal.

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